Graphic Design Students’ Work on Display in Hackney Library

When you breeze past Working with Type, the latest exhibition of student art work in Hackney Library on your way to the elevator on the first floor, a cursory look might lead you to believe the pieces displayed there have something to do with Christianity, because some of the designs at first glance look like a cross.

Upon closer examination, however, you will see that they are in fact two-dimensional representations of 3D packaging prototypes featuring either lettering for a children’s cereal, or lettering for a 3D form, all designed by students in art professor Susan Fecho’s Graphic Design class Some of the 3D versions of these designs are also on display.  The project explores the abstracted element of letterforms, defined as the graphic form of a letter of the alphabet.

The class’s designs had to be printed out flat, folded, and imaged in 3D form.  Students were given a choice of either using their own initial for the lettering design, or designing a package for “Wheatreats” (or a similar name), a tasty and nutritious breakfast food marketed mainly for children.  In addition, 3D toys were designed for the inside of the box and animations were developed for advertising needs.

One student’s 2D version (above) and 3D version (right)





“Oat Floats is a fictional cereal brand made for children,” explains student Lauren Styron.  “The front of the box features a fun illustration and the back contains a boat-themed word search” (see images below):

Styron’s 2D version (above) and 3D (right)





Tyshika Dickens’s project

“I used a black and white color scheme for my box,” says student Tyshika Dickens.  “I wanted to use multiple effects in Illustrator such as Bevel & Embossed, a ‘stepping letter’ effect using the Isometric Top effect, and more.  I learned a variety of typography tricks by exploring those options,” she explains.

Other students from Fecho’s class whose work is represented in the exhibition include Justin Blue, Crystal Bowers, Michael Bynum, Heather Dupree, Elizabeth Edenfield, Alexis Foster, Jakso Gabric, Lance Hillis, Lycia Hulshizer, Tyler Mayes, Jonathan Moss, Aimee Nguyen, Lisandro Torresani, Andrew Turner, and Angel Webb.

Next time you head to Hackney Library’s elevator, take much more than a casual glance at these students’ amazing work–they are well worth the extra attention.

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