Student Art Exhibition in Hackney Library Reflects Censorship Themes Represented by Banned Books

Updated photo of Barton Art League display relating to Censorship and Banned Books.

Update:  A few more pieces have been added to the student art exhibit since this post was first published.  Drop by when you can to see them all!

Banned Books Week might be over, but its influence is not.  Now on display in Hackney Library (in the student art gallery area near the elevator on the first floor) is an exhibit of student art from members of the Barton Art League (BAL).  The display, inspired by the Banned Books Week exhibit outside the library’s classroom of banned or challenged books, reflects themes related to censorship and the perils that go with it.  (The Banned Books Week exhibit will remain up a bit longer to give everyone a chance to check out a banned or challenged book.)

The Barton Art League describes itself as “made up of Barton students who have a genuine passion for art and all the creative fields.  We are not limited to visual arts.”   One of the BAL‘s  goals is to display as much student art on campus as possible, not only in Hackney Library but all over campus.  Any student is welcome to join BAL, not just art students.  If you are interested in participating, contact Nicola Macdonald at; they are looking to become more active and welcome all newcomers.

Come take a look at the BAL’s Student Art Exhibition, and see how your fellow students’ art reflects the theme of anti-censorship represented by Banned Books Week.

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