Hackney Library’s Web Site Gets a Makeover!

The librarians at Hackney Library have been working hard on a variety of changes to our electronic resources during the summer, and none more so than Technology Librarian Josh Newport.

A sample screen shot of the web site’s new look.

One of the changes you’ll notice from last semester is that our web page has a whole new look and feel than in the past, but no worries—everything on the old page has been transferred to the new, albeit in perhaps a slightly different place (plus some new things have been added).  One of the biggest enhancements is the scalability of the new page; the new design makes it much more usable on a variety of devices (mobile as well as desktop).  It’s still a work in progress, so you may yet see changes before it’s finalized in time for fall classes.

The new look to one of our course guides is illustrated above.

Also over the summer, we have been making navigational changes to our online helps, called LibGuides, moving from top (tab) navigation to side navigation, which will make it easier to find the tools and information you’re looking for more intuitively.   These changes affect both Course Guides, which are geared to specific courses, and our Subject Guides, which gather tools for each specific discipline major together in one place.

Another change is that we are removing our ebooks from our online catalog and redirecting you to search for ebooks in the individual databases in which they’ve always resided.  This change has occurred because the content of the ebook databases is modified so frequently (some books are dropped while others are added) that it makes it difficult to keep our catalog up to date.  (If you’ve ever located an ebook through our catalog only to discover it was no longer available in the database the catalog pointed you toward, you’ll know how frustrating an experience that can be!  Removing the ebooks from our catalog will eliminate that frustration.)  Ebooks will still be discoverable, however, through our OneSearch function.

In addition to these modifications, Josh Newport has also been doing considerable modifications “under the hood” to make sure that everything is running as smoothly as possible.  You may see evidence of that in the change in the proxy login screen you will now see when accessing our subscription databases from off campus with your Barton login.

After you get acclimated to all the modifications, we hope you will find Hackney Library’s web site and other online tools easier to navigate and use.  If you run into dead links or have other kinds of problems, please contact Josh Newport (jcnewport@barton.edu; 252-399-6509).



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