Hackney Library to Mark the Start of the New Academic Year with its “Charmed” 13th Annual Open House!

Preview of the front of the Open House T-Shirt

Some claim that 13 is an unlucky number, but not Hackney Library!

That’s because we will be hosting our 13th Annual OPEN HOUSE on Thursday, August 23, from 4-6 pm, on the first floor of Hackney Library, and we feel sure that good luck will abound on that auspicious day–how could it not when we will be giving away loads of prizes, food, t-shirts and other goodies to attendees?!

During the event, we will be introducing new students, faculty, and staff to the services offered by the Library, the Office of Student Success, Information Technology (IT), and the Ragan Writing Center, and we will be welcoming back returning students and employees.  The event is also open to the Wilson community.

The annual Open House is sponsored by Hackney Library and the Friends of Hackney Library.

Carrying on our tradition, we will have plenty of freebies for attendees to enjoy:

  • Preview of the back of the Open House T-Shirt

    Those who complete a brief online survey at the event will once again receive a highly-prized Library Open House t-shirt, designed this year by new Barton alumna Aimee Nicole West (B.A., Art & Design, Spring 2018), featuring a theme relating to the library (see the preview above!).

  • In addition, other giveaways will be available to attendees visiting eight “stations” around the library.  Each is designed to introduce new Barton community members to the Library’s, OSS’s, IT’s, and the Ragan Writing Center’s faculty/staff/tutors and services, as well as to refresh the memory of returnees.  (Students must visit all eight to be eligible for door prizes [see below].)
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth by partaking of our “build-your-own” scrumptious ice cream sundae again this year in the library’s foyer (with the help of Tony Tilley, Michelle Casale, and their amazing Aramark crew).

And last but not least, a door prize drawing for some really stupendous prizes will be held at 5:30 pm, so plan to hang around until then, as you must be present to win! 

Feeling lucky?  Here’s a list of door prizes you could score (if you’re present!) during the drawing at 5:30:

  • Google Home Mini (hands-free help powered by the Google Assistant)
  • Single K-Cup Coffee Maker (+ 5 free K-cups of coffee!)
  • Bluetooth Waterproof, Sweat-Proof, Noise-Cancelling Wireless Earbuds (2 sets!)
  • Jackery Giant+ External Battery Charger with Emergency Flashlight for iPhone, Samsung and Others
  • Mophie Portable Bluetooth Charging Case (A wireless charging case for Bluetooth devices)
  • Colored Sticky Notes Set (with holder)
  • OontZ Angle Plus Portable Wireless Speaker
  • $25 Gift Card for Papa John’s Pizza
  • $25 Gift Card for Starbucks
  • $25 Gift Card for Panera Bread

An opportunity to join the Friends of Hackney Library will be also be available at a table at the event for those who’d like to support the work of the library while reaping the benefits of membership.

So come check us out on Thursday, August 23rd from 4-6 pm and see what Lady Luck has in store for you at this 13th Annual Hackney Library Open House!

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