New Student Art from the Barton Art League on Display in Hackney Library

Barton’s student art lovers and creators have been hard at work, as evidenced by a new exhibition of student art on display in Hackney Library’s student art gallery area on the first floor near the elevator.

Featured in the exhibit is the work of several Barton students:

  • Nicola Macdonald (Freshman):  “Final Still Life” (charcoal on paper) and “Limited palette Still Life 1” (oil on canvas)
  • Abigail Wade (Freshman):  “Graphic Jellyfish” (graphite on paper)
  • Reina Abruzzo (Sophomore):  “Untitled” and “Blue Monochromatic” (oil on canvas)
  • Amy Wahl (Sophomore):  “Isolation” (photography)
  • Angel Webb (Junior):  “Still Life” (charcoal on paper) and “Gray Day” (ink on paper)
  • Brittany Moore (Senior):  “Slip Experiment,” “Slip Applied Pair,” and “Spotted Vessel” (ceramics)

According to Barton Art League president Nicola Macdonald, “one of our ongoing projects is to keep the Hackney Library Art Board continuously occupied with new projects.  As a collective, we decided the appropriate first exhibition we run would be to display various student artworks.”  The works on display represent a variety of media.

“We often get messages and comments on how the campus needs more student artwork displayed,” Macdonald says.  “Barton College is filled with very artistically talented students….We want to be able to create an opportunity for students to have their artwork exhibited as much as possible,” which helps both the campus and art students, for whom having their work displayed is “a great experience,” says Macdonald.  “We hope this can be the start of a growing habit of having student artwork on show, not only in the Hackney Library, but all around campus.”

Macdonald invites others with a “genuine passion for art and all the creative fields” to join forces with the BAL.  She says that the group is not limited to just art students, nor to only the visual arts.  If you are interested in joining, please contact Nicola at

Stop by Hackney Library when you get a moment and witness for yourself the creative student talent on display.

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