Testing & Education Reference Center Comes to Hackney Library via NCLIVE

Need help looking for graduate programs?  Working on creating a new resumé?  Preparing yourself for the requirements of a specific career?

One of Hackney Library’s new resources through NCLIVE can help with all of these and more:  It’s called Testing & Education Reference Center (TERC).  Published by Gale, it is now available here, on the Career Exploration LibGuide, and on the library’s web site under “T” in our “A-Z List” of all our resources.

TERC is a testing and education preparation resource that includes in-depth information on college, graduate, and professional programs, professional training, scholarships, and entrance tests alongside practice tests for entrance exams, certifications, and licensing exams for various occupations and programs.

You can begin to explore by choosing what type of student you are under “What type of student are you?” (College, Grad School, International, etc.), and then following up the options associated with each kind of student; or you can choose to explore the various tutorials, practice tests, etc., by category using the links across the top of the page.  You will need to create an account on the site to be able to save your work to and return to it at another time.

If you want some guided practice in using this new tool, try your hand at a tutorial that will walk you quickly through the resources available through TERC and how best to use them.    

TERC is just another utensil to add to your toolbox for preparing for life during and beyond college.  Try it out today!


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