Hackney Library’s Art Gallery Features New Exhibit by Josiah King, Barton Adjunct Art Instructor

The Art Gallery space adjacent to Hackney Library’s first-floor Technology Classroom features a new exhibit of paintings by North Carolina artist and teacher Josiah King.  He is a new addition to Barton College’s School of Visual, Performing, and Communication Arts, serving as an adjunct art professor who is currently teaching oil painting.

King’s work has been shown in many public venues, including the North Carolina Museum of Art; the North Carolina Contemporary Art Museum; the United States Capitol Building in Washington, DC; and the Erie Art Museum.  King’s work received special honors in “Self, Observed,” a juried exhibition held in conjunction with the Rembrandt in America exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art.  He is the recipient of the Congressional Art Award, which reserved an exhibition spot in the Congressional Building in Washington, DC for one year.  King’s paintings have been included in the Chimera 13 art and literature journal and featured on the cover of Voices Journal.

King describes his art in the following way:

My work is about noticing the unnoticed.  I look for the otherwise unperceived qualities of beauty and peculiarity in my everyday surroundings.  This pursuit finds its origin in the desire to express a spiritual way of seeing life.

For the past two years I have been painting the surfaces of floors and walls.  These mundane subjects first captured my attention after noticing a reflection on the hallway floor outside of my studio.  Though well worn, and likely disregarded, the floor found its brilliance when an evening light met its surface.  My work explores this relationship of surface to reflection and the space in between.

I have found that often the lowest and most overlooked elements of the worlds in which we live can be the most significant.  My hope is that others would also begin to slow down to experience these resonant moments.

In addition to his teaching responsibilities at Barton College, King is also an adjunct professor of art at the University of Mount Olive and Wilson Community College.  He currently occupies a studio space at the Arts Council of Wayne County in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

Please come by and take a moment to enjoy the exhibit.

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