Hackney Library Hosts Historical Display

Historical plaque

This panel is the first of twelve in the series of historical panels detailing the history of Atlantic Christian/Barton College, which are now on display in Hackney Library’s Art Gallery area.

In celebration of Dr. Douglas Searcy’s recent inauguration as the twelfth president of Barton College, Hackney Library is hosting a display of twelve historical panels documenting the College’s story from the institution’s beginnings to 2015.  Shannon Wilson, College Archivist, researched and wrote the text for the exhibit while Keith Tew and Harriet Barnes in Publications designed the panels themselves.

The exhibit tells the story of Barton College using documents and photographs from the College Archives, currently housed in Harper Hall.  Dr. Norval Kneten, Barton’s 11th President, wanted an historical display for the third floor of Harper Hall to complement the portraits of the College’s Presidents and to attract the attention of prospective students and their families, as well as friends and visitors to the College.

While the panels are arranged by presidential administration, Dr. Kneten insisted that the panels not be about executive administrators but about topics of interest to students.  Consequently, each panel features a summary of activities and accomplishments in a given administration while photographs, letters, promotional literature and other archival materials describe notable events from each era.  “The idea for this exhibit came about shortly after my arrival on campus,” Wilson noted, “and provided a wonderful opportunity to become better acquainted not only with materials that had been organized by my predecesors, Hugh Johnston and Ed Holloway, but the over 250 cubic feet of unarranged materials that comprise the College Archives at the present time.”

The historical panels are currently on display in the Art Gallery area of Hackney Library and will remain throughout the rest of the Spring semester and into the Summer term.

Drop by and take a look!

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