APA and MLA Style Workshops Returning to Hackney Library Feb. 23 and 25!

APA & MLA Covers DiagonalThe weather may still be cold, but the deadline for assignments is just beginning to heat up.

As we look ahead to the eventual return of warmer weather, along with that anticipation comes the realization that either before spring break (just a few weeks away) or just after we return from break, many students will have papers and other assignments due, which their professors expect to be properly formatted in either APA or MLA style.

So now’s the time to sharpen your personal citation skills required to cite sources accurately for those assignments, whether in APA or MLA citation style–or both!  This should be no cause for panic, because two upcoming workshops in Hackney Library are designed to help you do just that:

  • The first workshop will address APA Style on Tuesday, February 23, 2016, 11 am-12:00 noon in the library’s Technology Classroom.
  • The second workshop will address MLA Style on Thursday, February 25, 2016, 11 am-12:00 noon, also in the library’s Technology Classroom.

Although the actual content of the workshop sessions will be tailored to the needs of the participants in attendance, we’ll likely cover some basics about the style we’re discussing that day, talk briefly about why we need to cite sources properly, the development and purpose of different styles (of which APA and MLA are just two), but most importantly, we’ll give you a chance to bring to the respective workshops the papers and other assignments you’re working on (as well as the sources you’re trying to cite) for some hands-on personalized assistance to help you create your citations and make sure your formatting is up to snuff.

The Technology Classroom can accommodate a maximum of 24 students in each workshop, so guarantee your spot by coming early with your papers/assignments-in-progress on the appropriate day for the style you need help with (or on both days, if you need help with both APA and MLA styles!).

If you can’t make the workshop, or it fills up before you can claim a seat, don’t worry—there is additional help available:

Librarians on duty at the reference/research assistance desk will continue to help students individually learn how to cite their sources appropriately in both APA and MLA styles.

  • Assistance is also available online through a Citation Help LibGuide as well as through the library web page’s Citation Tools and Guides.
  • In addition, instructors, if you would like to arrange sessions for your individual classes on the various citation styles when your students are far enough along in their research to have sources that need documentation, we’ll be happy to work with you on scheduling those as well—just contact Ann Dolman at 252-399-6502 or adolman@barton.edu to set up a time.

So whether you’re a newbie to these citation styles or an old hand who just needs a refresher, take advantage of the workshops (as well as any of the online sources listed above) and whip those APA and MLA Style skills into shape!  And don’t forget to bring the sources you’re citing with you to the workshop(s)!

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