“CuriosiTea” Conversational Forum Resumes on Tuesday, September 29, 4-5 pm!

CuriosiTea_logo (3)

Are you curious how others are grappling with thorny controversies that face us today?  Are you interested in intellectually stimulating conversations about current issues?  Do you like tea and cookies?

If so, then Hackney Library’s return of “CuriosiTea,” its series of casual conversation forums, could literally be just your cup of tea–and they’re resuming again on Tuesday, September 29!

Scheduled for the last Tuesday of each month from 4 pm-5 pm in Hackney Library’s Art Gallery area, each CuriosiTea forum may sometimes feature a broadly-based theme to get group and individual conversations started, or conversation may just be generated by the interests of those in attendance–but however they start, wherever conversations end up depends entirely upon you!  To spice up those discussions, a variety of teas and a sweet confection will be provided for your gustatory pleasure.

No preparation is required, and all members of the Barton campus community are invited to drop in, including students, faculty, staff, and any other interested parties on campus.

So satisfy your CuriosiTea and join us for meaningful conversations and delectable delicacies on Tuesday, September 29 at 4 pm!


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