Hackney Library To Host Monthly Discussions of Books/Ideas on Science and Religion in Its ISSR Collection


Logo of the International Society for Science and Religion

The Barton College Hackney Library has undertaken to further promote to the general public their collection of 250 volumes from The International Society for Science and Religion (ISSR). Perspectives relating to the ongoing discoveries and developments within the natural and human sciences and their implications for religion and theology are covered in these books.

Beginning in September and continuing through May, a small group forum will be meeting the first Tuesday of each month from 7 to 8:30 pm  in Hackney Library’s technology classroom for conversations centering on these salient topics. The general public as well as members of the Barton community are welcome; participants do not need to read or to have read the books in order to attend the group and join in the lively discussions.  This group will be mentored, facilitated, and/or led by those familiar with the collection and with the religious and scientific fields discussed within its volumes.

The ISSR granted to Barton College Hackney Library a foundational collection of books spanning all important areas and disciplines in diverse fields of science and religion.  Such grants were initially made to institutions in 47 countries spanning 6 continents.  Supported by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation, the ISSR Library Project is based at St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge University, but its editorial board and contributing editors come from a variety of disciplines and geographic locales worldwide.  Its Executive Editor, Dr. Pranab Das, is a professor of physics at Elon University in Elon, North Carolina.

Selected from over 2000 candidate volumes by a rigorous process of nomination and peer review, The ISSR Library is an essential reference collection for anyone seriously interested in the ongoing conversation, and at times heated debate, concerning the relevance of religion and theology in our scientific age. This collection is drawn from many of the world’s faith traditions as well as authors with vigorously naturalistic and scientific perspectives.

According to ISSR’s web site, its “central aim is the facilitation of dialogue between the two academic disciplines of science and religion, one of the most important current areas of debate in terms of understanding the nature of humanity. This includes both the enhancement of the profile of the science-religion interface in the public eye, as well as the safeguarding of the quality and rigour of the debate …. ”.   An introductory essay on each title along with full listings of all selections and categorized sub-listings is available on the website www.issrlibrary.org.

Some titles in the ISSR Library include Evolution vs. Creationism; Global Perspectives on Science and Spirituality; Exploring Reality: The Intersection of Science and Religion; Science and Providence; Is Nature Ever Evil?, Mind and Emergence; to name just a few.

Come check us out; that is, both the books and/or the discussion group.  We hope that both the reading of these books and joining in the group discussions will be of interest to you.

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