NCLIVE’s Newest Resource Helps You Learn a Foreign Language (or Speak Your Own Even Better!)

“You say tomPronunciator logoato, I say tomahto,” sang Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, bemoaning their differences in the old Gershwin classic song, “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off.”  It’s a shame those two lovebirds didn’t have access to Pronunciator, NCLIVE’s* latest language learning resource—they could have saved themselves a lot of heartache and trouble.

It’s not only Fred and Ginger who could benefit from this newest NCLIVE electronic offering.  Pronunciator, which provides language learning for 80 languages and ESL for 50 non-English languages, is designed to help native English-speaking students studying foreign languages (as well as non-native English speakers learning English) improve their pronunciation of a language other than that which they grew up speaking.  Even students and faculty preparing to study or travel abroad could benefit from this resource as well.

The program includes audio lessons, interactive textbooks, quizzes, phrasebooks, pronunciation analysis, virtual coaches, and interactive dialogs, among other things.  Native speakers, not computer voices, are used for translation as well as voiceovers in the program, providing real-world conversation in a safe and supportive environment.

First-time users may want to view the overview videos in either English or Spanish on Pronunciator’s opening  screen, which also provides instructions for requesting a Pronunciator username and password (you must create a personal account to use this resource).

Pronunciator requires a web browser with JavaScript enabled and Flash version 10.0 or higher. Users can also access the resource with an iOS or Android tablet or phone. User manuals are available within the resource.

Access Pronunciator in one of two ways on the library’s web site:  1) Type Pronunciator in the OneSearch box on the library web page (a link to it will show up in the “Databases” section of the results on the lower right hand side), or 2) Hover over the “Search” link on the top left of the library home page and click on A-Z list, then click on P and scroll down until you see Pronunciator in the alphabetical listing on the “P” page. You can also access it from the NCLIVE page as well.

Questions?  Contact the reference desk at 252-399-6502 or

*NCLIVE is the consortium of libraries in North Carolina to which Hackney Library belongs and from which we get access to many of our electronic databases and other resources.



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