Answer a Brief Online Questionnaire to Have Your Library Experiences ‘Pay it Forward’ and Perhaps See Your Ideas in Print!

online survey icon smallerWould you like to give a hand up to those students who follow you here at Barton College? 

Would you like to see your thoughts in print? 

If your answer to these questions is “yes,” then you can accomplish at least one and perhaps both of these goals in one fell swoop by participating in a very short online questionnaireBy doing so, you will help to reassure next year’s incoming freshmen and other new Barton students who may be anxious about using a college library for the first time, or who are unsure about how Hackney Library can help them.  And in the process, you may have the opportunity to broadcast your name (well, your initials anyway!) along with your thoughts in print (details below).

We believe that hearing about the experiences of seasoned Barton students (this means you!) can help newbies become aware of our services and more comfortable with the idea of using Hackney Library during their time here at Barton.

By completing the questionnaire (either by clicking on this link or clicking on the blue “Questionnaire” button posted on the bottom right of the library’s home page), you agree to allow us the option to choose a selection of your quotes (accompanied by your first and last initial and graduating class year) in publicity materials for the 2014 Library Open House on September 9 this coming fall.

Your answers must be 140 characters or less (think quotable “tweets”; remember, we’re looking to choose the most pithy, concise, and helpful quotes, so give us your best replies!)

To be considered for inclusion in next fall’s Library Open House publicity, questionnaire responses must be completed by 6 pm on Thursday, May 8, 2014 (the last day of exams).

Thank you for helping to encourage future Barton students to make use of Hackney Library’s services!


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