Got Game? We Do! Board Games Now Available at Hackney Library!

Board Games

Hackney Library’s new board games are available for 3-day checkout to Barton students; they are shelved in the Learning Cafe area on the first floor.

British libraries in the 1800s were some of the first public libraries to host gaming rooms to lure patrons away from more skulduggerous activities.  Since then, more classic board games such as chess, checkers, and backgammon have always been a staple on many library reference shelves.

However, in the past decade, librarians have been adding new games (even video games) to their collections.  Hackney Library is jumping on the game bandwagon with the addition of almost a dozen new board games!

Playing games is more than silly fun (though that is usually the best part).  As researchers begin to study the complexity of gaming, they’ve found games are able to propagate a number of important skills.  Great games cause players to think critically and creatively, understand rules, and develop strategy.  Team-based games require communication and collaboration.  Trivia games focus on memory and recall.  One of the new games, Wise and Otherwise, even raises global awareness as players learn about expressions and adages from cultures around the world.

Need a break from studying or writing that term paper?  Instead of binge-watching the newest Netflix series and losing track of time, keep your mind active with our newest collection of board games!  (Some of the game titles alone may be enough to intrigue you: Anyone up for a game of Qwirkle? Or Quelf? Or how about Munchkin Cthulhu?)  You’ll laugh, shed some stress, and you won’t even know you’re learning about yourself and your friends.

All board games are shelved in the library’s Learning Café on the first floor.  They are available for in-library use, as well as a 3-day checkout to Barton students and faculty/staff only (sorry, no IB Students, Friends or Wilson County Public Library patron checkouts), so you can take your favorite game home with you over the weekend.  (But take care to keep track of all the pieces; patrons are responsible for any damages or lost parts!)

So give your brain a fun, stress-free way to take a break from studies while staying sharp—check out some games today!


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