“PaperArt: Flowing Memories”–Student Artwork on Display in Hackney Library

PaperArt pic carouselHackney Library’s first-floor gallery is now showcasing a portion of a new exhibit of student art work called PaperArt:  Flowing Memories.  Sponsored by the Art League of Barton College in support of the fall semester’s Art Appreciation Eco-Art course taught by art professor Susan Fecho,  the new exhibit is split between Hackney Library’s gallery and Case Art Building’s north corridor’s gallery.

These final projects for the class had the expectation of producing work that both interpreted the theme and called attention to on-going environmental problems.  Participating artists submitted works that utilized waste paper in imaginative ways as an opportunity to reconnect the viewers with nature since in art, it is ‘production’, not ‘consumption’, that interests viewers.

Several of the exhibition’s submissions were recognized by an invited juror, artist/writer Oona Lewis of Studio One, due to their conceptual merit and craftsmanship.  Receiving first place was Leslie Briley’s origami and casted bust sculpture; Joseph Paren’s sculptured “Texting” piece was  awarded second place; Amy Cogan’s sculpted “Remember” received third place; and Amber Baker’s 2D recycled photography piece was recognized with an honorable mention.

Gallery talks by each of the artists will take place Friday, December 6, from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. starting at the Hackney Library’s gallery and concluding in the Case Art Building’s north corridor.

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