“Face of Politics” Art Exhibit in Hackney Library: A Timely Complement to January’s Focus on Presidential Politics

Lincoln small

This portrait, “Lincoln,” by Barton College Associate Art Professor and ASL advisor Gérard Lange, is part of the ‘Face of Politics’ exhibit.

On January 18, students in Barton’s Art Students League (ASL) and their faculty advisor, associate art professor Gérard Lange, installed a new exhibition of their art in Hackney Library’s first floor art gallery area.  Called “Face of Politics,” the exhibition features portraits by the ASL members and advisor Lange of their most (or their least) favorite of America’s presidents. 

The exhibition of presidential portraits is timed perfectly to synchronize with the upcoming U.S. presidential inauguration on Monday, January 21 and the Friends of Hackney Library’s Garland S. Tucker, III book signing on Tuesday, January 22 (which featured Tucker’s  book, The High Tide of American Conservatism:  Davis, Coolidge, and the 1924 Election).

The student/faculty art represents a variety of styles and expressions in various media of the individual artists’ creativity regarding politics in general and of various U.S. presidents in particular.  The following Barton students and faculty have pieces represented in the exhibition:

  • Leslie Briley:  “Death of Lincoln”
  • Alexx Deem:  “The Real President”
  • Deonte Burnette:  “JFK”
  • Lizzie Salyers:  “George by Lizzie via Andy” and “Grover by Lizzie via Andy”
  • Daniel O’Neill:  “Jefferson in Caslon”
  • Brianna Frazier:  “Physical Graffiti”
  • Gérard Lange:  “Gestalt George Washington” and “Lincoln Appropriated”

Come by Hackney Library to admire the artwork, and also be sure to join us for the Friends of Hackney Library book signing on Tuesday, January 22, from 5:30-7:00 pm; enjoy some refreshments and listen as author Tucker discusses his book and the importance to current politics of the 1924 presidential election.  (For more information on the Garland Tucker book signing, see our blog entry.)

Many thanks to Gérard Lange and the ASL students for allowing us to display their work!

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