Graphic Novels on Display in Hackney Library

Hackney Library display of graphic novels

Hackney Library has gathered a number of graphic novels in its collection and placed them on display.

So you thought comics were just for kids….

Well, have we got news for you!  Graphic novels (and no, we don’t mean the racy, salacious kind) are increasingly popular lengthy graphical treatments featuring a variety of genres–science fiction; adventure; superhero; and even nonfiction such as biography, autobiography, or history—for an adult audience.

Hackney Library has recently mounted a display of these adult graphic novels (as well as those appropriate for children) next to the reference desk.  The display also includes books about the graphic novel phenomenon.  All of the books on display may be checked out.

Like its cousin, the traditional comic book, the graphic novel exhibits characteristics such as dialogue (and sometimes unspoken thoughts) displayed in “balloons,” as well as action depicted in sequential linear images called “panels” set off by panel borders.  However, unlike traditional comics, graphic novels reflect visual techniques drawn more from film than from traditional print media.

The graphic novel or comics (sometimes called “comix”) is defined as a medium for expressing information or artistic ideas that use images in sequence to advance the narrative, but the content for an adult audience is often anything but childlike.  Many of the themes and plots are treated with the “depth and subtlety that we have come to expect of traditional novels and extended nonfictional texts,” according to Stephen E. Tabachnich, editor of Teaching the Graphic Novel.

To pique the reading interest of our students who are attracted to this medium, Hackney Library has begun purchasing more graphic novels to add to its collection, as well as leasing graphic novel titles for our Popular Fiction and Popular Nonfiction collections.   

Authors who are prominent in the adult graphic novel medium include Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Robert Kirkman, Art Spiegelman, and Neil Gaiman, among many others.

Come by the Hackney Library display to get a taste of what these graphic novels have to offer, and check out a title or two for more in-depth perusal!

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