Hackney Library Reserve Items List Now Searchable Online

Students, have you ever come to the library’s circulation desk to check out a reserve item for a class, only to discover that someone else is already using it?  Or faculty, have you ever wondered whether you have already put that class lecture or DVD on library reserve for your students to use in the library? 

Well, now there is an easy way for everyone to check—from on campus or off—what items currently are on library reserve, as well as their availability status.   Library staff members have begun to list reserve items in the library so that they are listed by professor’s name and by the title ‘Reserve Items’ in the catalog.

To see a list of items on reserve (listed alphabetically by professors’ last names), go to the “Books & More” tab and click on the “Reserve Items” button located there.  Or click on the “Reserves” link located under the Library Services button on the library home page’s left sidebar, and then click on the last link on that page. 

This new system of listing reserve items replaces the black Reserves notebook on the counter at the circulation desk.  If you have any questions about Reserves, please call the Circulation Desk at x6500 (252-399-6500).

(For those who may not be familiar with them, most Library Reserve items are checked out by patrons for in-library use only; therefore, with a few exceptions, reserves do not leave the building.)

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