New Library Classroom Furniture, Additional Netbooks, and Printer To Provide More Versatility

Thanks to the recent purchase of smaller, movable computer tables and accompanying portable chairs, Hackney Library’s classroom has just become more versatile in meeting a variety of instructional needs.  (See the photo gallery of various possible furniture configurations at the  end of this post).

The twelve new folding computer tables accommodate two users each, providing desktop space for a maximum of 24 students in the classroom.  Because the tables are smaller than the previous tables and are on wheels, the room can now be configured in a variety of ways; or if necessary, the tables can be removed altogether and easily stored until needed.

Twenty-four new chairs—which are armless, foldable, and on wheels—have been purchased for the classroom as well.  These work well both with the new computer tables and as stand-alones.  The chairs previously furnishing the classroom have replaced worn chairs elsewhere in the library.

In addition to the new classroom furniture, Hackney Library has also purchased four additional Netbook laptops to supplement the twenty already owned by the library.  This purchase will make it more feasible to use the classroom during library orientation sessions in which students are required to search online resources; prior to these classroom upgrades, the library faculty have had to reserve a computer classroom in Hines to conduct classes in which computer searching is required.

Additionally, a new wireless printer for the classroom has been purchased for use when classes are being taught in the library classroom.  Because printing is not currently enabled via the library’s wireless network to our regular networked printers, the new printer will enable students to print to it from the Netbooks when doing assignments for library classes in the classroom. 

The flexibility provided by these new additions to the library classroom will help not only the library faculty and staff but also will make the room more useful for occasional use by other faculty or by students, particularly in conjunction with the interactive white board, touch-screen computer, and clicker technology already installed in the classroom.

Anyone interested in using the library classroom for specific classes or projects should contact the reference desk at 252-399-6502 for availability and to make a reservation.

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