Library Staff Participate in Poster Session at ALA Conference in New Orleans

Hackney Library's Steven Stewart (left) and Cynthia Collins model some of the giveaways at the library's June 26 poster session booth at the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans.

Hackney Library staffers Steven Stewart and Cynthia Collins represented Hackney Library at the American Library Association’s Annual Conference in New Orleans in late June 2011.

The pair staffed a display at the ALA conference’s poster session on June 26 about the library’s award-winning Band Book Tour open houses, for which Hackney Library won the John Cotton Dana award last June to recognize creative marketing and innovative programming in an academic library.  

Samples of beverage huggies, t-shirts, bookbags, and other items from the Band Book event were given away to a variety of conference visitors to the poster sessions.

According to Cynthia and Steven, visitors took away ideas for their own libraries from different aspects of the event represented by the Hackney Library display. Some were interested in the “music in the library” aspect of the Band Book event, others seemed enamored of the Banned Books display in the library, while still others were intrigued by the use of Quick Recognition (QR) codes that have been posted throughout the library for use by smart phones. (The Hackney Library QR codes vary from providing quick access to online chat sessions with reference librarians to instructions for how to make double-sided copies on the photocopier).

Hackney Library faculty and staff are planning for the 3rd Annual Band Book Open House, scheduled for Thursday, August 25.  (Watch this blog for more details about the upcoming event!)

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