Hackney Library’s Longtime Housekeeper, Nina Sutton Jones, Retires after 53 Years

Image of Clara Hall (left) and Nina Sutton Jones

Clara Hall (left), chats with her predecessor, former Hackney Library housekeeper Nina Sutton Jones, at a recent retirement party in Nina's honor. Nina is retiring after 53 years of service to the College.

If you’ve ever wondered how Hackney Library—a building that sees heavy use each semester from students, faculty, and staff, as well as the general  public—has managed to stay so neat and clean lo, these many years, we must confess:  We have had a secret weapon, and her name is Nina Sutton Jones. 
Hackney Library has been blessed over the past 50+ years to benefit from the meticulous housekeeping that Nina has provided, not to mention the cheerfulness with which she has greeted everyone with whom she has come in contact all these years. 
She has seen it all in her time at Barton:  A move from Hardy Hall, site of the original library at Atlantic Christian College, to the current Hackney Library building in the mid-1970s; the comings and goings of many faculty, staff, and students over the years; and more recently, the introduction of vending machines and permitting of food and drink in the library (a move which, though popular with users, has increased exponentially the amount of energy required to maintain the building).
But after 53 years of employment at Atlantic Christian/Barton College, Nina has decided it’s time to enjoy retirement.  Though we are sad to see her go, we are grateful for the many years of service and friendship she has provided us during her time here.   We will miss you, Nina, but we hope you have a blast in retirement!
With every cloud comes a silver lining, and ours is Clara Hall, who has taken on Nina’s duties with a vengeance and is continuing Nina’s dedication to keeping Hackney Library in pristine condition.  We know that Nina will rest easy knowing that Clara is keeping up her high standards, and we are grateful for Clara’s enthusiastic embrace of the unsung but vital work that enables all Hackney Library users to study and relax in a welcoming and clean environment.  Welcome aboard, Clara!
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