Hackney Library Partners with Better World Books Program

No one likes to throw away a good book, and Hackney Library is no exception.   Over the years, we’ve conducted book sales to sell titles (at a fraction of their worth) that we have weeded from our own collection, as well as donated books that didn’t fit our collection development policies for adding to our own collections.  While our book sales have provided great deals for our patrons who have purchased items from them, the books’ hugely discounted prices haven’t netted the library much in the way of proceeds, and a number of the items do not sell and must ultimately be disposed of.

Now, a more lucrative (not to mention more green) alternative has come along that benefits both the recipients and Hackney Library as well.  Better World Books for Libraries is a program that, free of cost to Hackney Library, takes the majority of our discards and donations that are not added to our collection and sells them online through a variety of marketplaces (including Amazon.com, Alibiris.com, Half.com, and eBay.com, to name a few) at market value.  Hackney Library then receives a portion of the net sales in quarterly commissions (at a much higher rate of return than our own book sales’ revenues).  Better World Books also donates a portion of the net sales (or in some cases, books that cannot be sold) to its four primary literacy partners:  Books for Africa (www.booksforafrica.org), the National Center for Family Literacy (www.famlit.org), Room to  Read (www.roomtoread.org, and Worldfund (www.worldfund.org).  The program recycles any books that cannot be sold or donated.

So please continue to remember us if you have donations that you would like to pass along– even if we cannot use them for our collection, through the Better World Books program every effort will be made to find someone who can (while at the same time generating greater income for Hackney Library, which will, in turn, mean that we can purchase items that are truly beneficial to our patrons). 

And for those items that are not suitable for the Better World Books program, Hackney Library will continue to hold occasional book sales (watch the blog for announcements about these periodic events!).

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